Stripes Promotion Winners

Every year, Stars and Stripes finds ways to reward members of our military community in a variety of ways—starting with insightful reporting and useful information. We also give away author-signed books, gift cards and a variety of merchandise, ranging from pens, mugs and hats to iPad mini tablets. To find out what rewards are on offer, keep an eye on the Promo Box on our home page. We value all our members and this is just one way to say “thank you!”

  • February, 2017 — "Ring of Fire" signed by author Brad Taylor

    Melissa Laycock, Steven Rauchback, Ronald Zeigler, Lendwood Williams, Shawn Lee, Brian Higgason, Sara Bruno, Elijah Lewis, Jess Looft, Grace Gilland

  • August, 2016 — “The Innocents” signed by author Ace Atkins

    Tim Fussell, Jack Goldman, Joseph Lewis, Diana Dale, Jeffrey Purtee, Noi Kho, Brian Higgason, Tracy Smith, Robert Eckenrode

  • September, 2016 — “A Field Guide to Lies” signed by author Daniel Levitin

    Lendwood Williams, Luke Haravitch, Joy Johnsom, Steve Coots, Dan Vandervort, Aaron Wolf, Edmund Kowalski, Betty Asbury, Patrick Mceleney, William Mullee 

  • January, 2017 — “Curtain of Death” signed by author W.E.B. Griffin and William E. Butterworth IV

    Steve Coots, John Deitle, Christopher Kendziera, Joseph Lewis, Kes Townsend, Abbey Washlack, Benjamin Cruz, Joe Repko, Chelsy Biederman, Jeff Duncan 

  • March, 2017 — Exchange gift card

    $300 gift card winner: Michael Nutly
    $200 gift card winner: Chong Pak
    $100 gift card winner: Lucas Spencer