Stripes Promotion Winners

Every year, Stars and Stripes finds ways to reward members of our military community in a variety of ways—starting with insightful reporting and useful information. We also give away author-signed books, gift cards and a variety of merchandise, ranging from pens, mugs and hats to iPad mini tablets. To find out what rewards are on offer, keep an eye on the Promo Box on our home page. We value all our members and this is just one way to say “thank you!”

  • October, 2016 — "Secret Service Dogs" signed by author Maria Goodavage

    Coty Ramey, John Fugitt, Kathleen Connolly, Chris Ladera, Ann Oglesby, Paul Copley, Emily Felvus, Tony Smith, Jeffrey Howards, Gregory Bethards

  • July, 2016 — "Guilty Minds" signed by author Joseph Finder

    Anne Tomlin, Byron Brown, Kes Townsend, Lisa Craven, Darwin Vanous, James Hoxie, Emily Mccormick, Robin Grochowski, Edward Van Oeveren, Jeffrey Robinson

  • September, 2016 — October, 2016 — $1,000 one-time shopping spree at a designated commissary (DeCA)

    John R. Hahn, Camp Henry, Daegu – South Korea

  • September, 2016 — October, 2016

    GoPro HERO4: TSgt Jaime Gutierrez, Osan AB
    $100 AAFES Gift Card: Emily Phillips, USAG Humphreys
    $100 DeCA Gift Card: Kymberlyn Santos, USAG Humphreys
    $50 AAFES Gift Card: Andres Rebaza, Camp Carroll
    $50 DeCA Gift Card: Billy Hayes, Osan AB

  • January, 2016 — "The Hunting Trip" signed by author William E. Butterworth III

    David Toler, David Shaft, Trung La, Brian Chance, Jeremy Dodson, Kathleen Connolly, Craig Clarkson, Jeff Burchfield, Deborah Fussell